“Lowell Fulsom’s main man is still kicking out the original blues with a party beat showing us that older is wiser, better and in OKO’s case…sexier!”

Highlights are many for bluesman Oklahoma Ollie (OKO) over his 50+ year music career. Former bass player with legends Lowell Fulsom, Phillip Walker and many more worldwide blues titans including Etta James, OKO has a lifetime of experience to draw from as a performer and songwriter. OKO now plays lead guitar and fronts his own Blues Stand Band. The new 2014 release, OKO NOW & Then, is a compilation of OKO authored songs that will delight all long-time & new fans. We’ve assembled a track selection that includes brand new OKO originals recently recorded at Ardent Audio Studios in Torrance, California, along with OKO songs recorded years ago at Pacifica Studios and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

Oklahoma Ollie performs many live events including clubs, festivals, fundraisers and private parties. He performs his signature “behind-the-back” lead guitar trick along with exclusive “three-guitars-in-one-song” move which must be seen in person.

3 minute live video from Dusk ‘Till Dawn Blues Festival w/ BtB

Radio Station One Sheet – Japanese (pdf) Oklahoma_Ollie_Radio_Station_One_Sheet_2014_JP

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